Build-to-Print Manufacturing

Manufacturing electronics products from scratch takes know-how, discipline and skill. That’s why companies that care about quality, speed and cost control turn to BCP Systems for their Build-to-Print Manufacturing needs. Our full service facility is capable of building your products on-time, in America, close to home.
We manufacture a variety of products that require the integration of wiring or wire harnesses according to the exact technical specifications given by customer-supplied drawings with product modifications being made directly by our customers and with BCP Systems Production Engineers involved throughout the process.

Our Build-to-Print Manufacturing Benefits include:

• Top Quality and Speed
• ISO 9001 and AS 9100 Certified
• Highly skilled Engineering, technical and assembly team
• Step-by-step published processes
• Strong revision and document control systems
• 100% testing and quality assurance for every part, every product

Dedicated Facilities

• Southern California location
• Made in America

On-Site Inventory/Stocking Parts Center

• Parts are here the moment you need them
Cost Control

• We buy in volume to help you control costs and build profits
Customer Service & Logistics Support
• Full time Customer Service Center
• Complete logistic management services
• 24/7 On-line project access thru BCP Plus

Contact us for custom orders or repairs

1560 S. Sinclair Street
Anaheim, CA 92806
Tel: +1-714-202-3900

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