Our Leadership Team

Dianna Rodriguez | Vice President, Human Resources

Dianna Rodriguez with over 8 years in management, Dianna brings a fresh look to the business operations at BCP Systems. Upon graduation at the California State Polytechnic University Pomona with her bachelor’s degree in Business Management and Human Resources, she joined ARAMARK Corporation where she was rapidly promoted to a Regional Manager. Dianna joined BCP Systems in 2008 where she has continued her fast-pace growth and has led the sales department for much of this time.

Currently, as Vice President in a Small Business concern, she leads and manages the Sales departments where BCP Systems continues to grow.

Says Dianna, “Building a partnership with our customers so they may achieve their goals brings fulfillment to BCP Systems. Trust, commitment, and teamwork is earned not given. Our goal is to earn and build a long-term positive alliance with our customers so that we may grow together.”

Duane Terry | Vice President Operations and Sales

Duane Terry with over 40 years of electronics manufacturing, supply chain, and sales experience has recently joined BCP Systems as VP, Operations and Sales. Duane has a vast amount of direct experience in setting business targets and putting into place the processes and controls to meet and exceed the targets while improving financial performance. He brings a wealth of organizational management experience to the BCP systems team and will be focused on growing sales through 100% customer satisfaction of our quality, delivery, and pricing performance. He will mentor team members, and establish new processes and methodologies needed to position BCP Systems to handle our anticipated growth and customer driven focus.

As VP, Operations and Sales, Duane is responsible for all aspects of the day to day activities in interfacing with customers, flowing their requirements though the entire Operations and Supply Chain, and delivering the product to the customer on time and with 100% quality acceptance.

Says Duane, “Our goal at BCP Systems is to continue to be a valuable partner with our customer base in responding to their needs, whether it’s for quick turn one off products, or for sustained and forecasted production volumes. We recognize that we’re a service provider, and our success is directly related to being able to identify and communicate customer needs and to act efficiently and competently in meeting them”.

Wes Price | Co-Founder, Vice President

Wes Price with nearly 40 years of electronics manufacturing experience, Wes has dedicated himself to making BCP Systems the standard for high-end electronics manufacturing and repair.

As Vice President, Wes oversees all facets of business operations. Prior to co-founding BCP Systems, he gained best practice experience at Computer Industries the Netherlands, MAI Basic Four, Sperry Univac, General Dynamics and Ford Aeronutronics.

Says Wes, “Today’s sophisticated electronics customers are looking for more than a low priced depot. They want a resource partner with real expertise to help them control costs, improve up-time and support their bottom line for the long-term. We’ve designed BCP Systems to do exactly that.”

Carlos Torres | Co-Founder, President

Carlos Torres with more than two decades of information management experience, Carlos has set BCP Systems apart with technology tools and processes that improve quality, reduce costs and enhance customer results.

As President, Carlos focuses on procedures, certifications and training programs, along with continual enhancements to BCP Systems’ unsurpassed project, inventory and customer information systems.

Prior to co-founding BCP Systems, Carlos gained his executive experience at MAI Systems, MAI Basic Four and Calcomp.

Says Carlos, “Our goal is to be 100% on time and 100% defect-free for our customers. We also want to make manufacturing and repair easy for them. We are continually reinvesting in our systems and enhancing our processes to make sure we achieve that goal.”

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